Experience, above the design

Re-think thrown out packages LAB.C's multifunctional trays.
LAB.C tray, containing many products, has multiple talents. Protecting products from
external damage is not everything it can offer. The moment you open the box to get the product out,
you will exclaim with big excitement.
If you have an experience of saving a box in which to put valuable items which used to contain high quality chocolate,
LAB.C tray with various kinds of color and size will be very attractive to you.
All you need to decide is how to use it.
LAB.C's Eco-Friendly Coaster
Use it as a cup cover or a coaster. LAB.C considered how we reuse the paper package which is thrown away
after separation from a product. The circular board is easily separated from the package and you can use it
as a cup cover or a coaster. LAB.C is trying to cut down on the amount of packaging waste thrown away.